B.L. Lindstrom

B.L. Lindstrom is and has always been a Maverick Adaptive Design Scientist.

Offering unique and innovative solutions to individuals and organizations, his first adulthood spanned nearly 40 years.  He went from cleaning tables for a dollar an hour in Gary, Indiana to mopping up process failures at major corporations throughout the country.

As a highly paid and sought after “Systems Janitor” he authored hundreds of non-fiction papers, user manuals and presentations for those confused by complexity and wearied by the pace of change.

B.L. begins his next 40 years by inviting readers of his first significant work of fiction, Considering SomeplacElse, to make waste the enemy and consider the possibilities afforded by, merely, allocating resources someplace else.

He continues to count his blessings with his life partner, Melinda, in sub-urban Arizona and places 39 remarkable years of marriage, three outstanding children and six wondrous grandchildren at the top of his list.

Grampa the story teller
Grampa the story teller