In the past I have occasionally heard bits and pieces of partisan grandstanding on the Senate floor. Sometimes I would express a “Give Em Hell, Harry” but more often I would let an obscenity fly, turn off the TV, and try to calm down.
But last night, much to my surprise, I was captivated by many of the words offered by OUR Senators as they picked up the pieces of OUR congressional home and moved on with the election protocol required by our laws.
There were still a few obscenities expressed for a few who just didn’t get it, but more came when reporters would over talk a rebuttal. (I had to flip over to CSPAN to get full transparency)
After the first vote negating the first objection by 93 to 6 I took great comfort in the fact that the lawless actions of a duly elected president and his worshippers did NOTHING to halt what most of us still believe is the role of our government.
This same process that gave the Presidency to the AntiChrist 4 years ago, was now taking it away from him. Our Democracy works and will continue to work as long as most of us work at preserving our democracy. If you need an example of how to effectively, peacefully, ensure YOUR voice is heard, look to Georgia! (and maybe Arizona too, but we are no Georgia yet)