Her name was Melinda.  Last name unknown.  But we talked, laughed, played charades and provided outrageous answers to the pantomimes of others.  I found out many things about her in the few hours we spent together but alas a phone number was not among them.
Someone called to her, she said “good bye” and she was gone.

People left until Dennis, Dave and I were all that remained.  We told each other stories of antics, triumphs and tragedies during our 1st semesters at college.  Around 2 am we ran out of interesting tales of Wild Women, Crazy Professors,  and Wealthy students.
We made the earnest commitment to keep in touch.  But only Dennis and I would be attending Purdue Calumet come February, while Dave would be back at St Joes consumed by Basektball, Baseball and his collegiate athletic celebrity.

2 months later, I would drive onto a snow covered Purdue Calumet Campus.  Parking in a space close to the main entrance.  I got out of the car and walked, instead, down a longer, snow-drifted, path to a door I seemed destined to open. Warm air rushed to welcome me into a long corridor of classrooms.  Left or straight?  I chose straight.  The third door on the right was open, all others closed.  My rubber soled imitation seal skin boots made nary a sound as I approached the opening.  I glanced in.  All but one student’s eyes were focused on the Lecturer. Her eyes, were looking directly at me. Oh yes.  How could it have been anyone else, but Melinda?