There are many things I try when I a need to get motivated and focus on the task at hand.  I think turning on some spirit rousing music is one of my most successful techniques.  Other times I will watch movies of underdog triumph.  Sometimes I’ll read from my collection of inspriational quotes.  

Nine times out of ten, for me anyway, these practices will get the old brain cells percolating. But on that pesky 10th time, when life rises up and smacks you in the face like a wet cod fish all the inspriational sounds, sites actions and verbiage in the universe just don’t seem to get you anywhere.  This is when you remember what Obiwan or Father John or Zen Master Chen or Forrest Gump or whichever spritual advisor passed on to you the wisdom of “Letting Go”.   There is a time for charging ahead with the force of your will and a time for allowing external forces to do the work they have to do so that you can find your way.

Such has been my conundrum for the past month or so, as my book’s publicity campaign ended and I broke even on the venture.  Do I finish my next novel “Gabriel’s Horn”?  Do I pursue more sales of Considering SomeplacElse now that each sale represents significantly more profit?  Do I produce the Web TV pilot for “Podcasts From the Future”?  Do I somehow record my “Rocky the Polar Bear” stories for my grandchildren and their children? Do I complete work on the SomeplacElse collborative Website?  Do I return to the much more lucrative world of Software Development which is much easier than being an author and is literally begging for me to come back?  

For now,  I have decided to allow the cosmic tumblers to click into place and see what direction is revealed BECAUSE, quite coincidentally (and you know I don’t believe in coincidence), The Beatles are whispering words of wisdom

And I didn’t even think that song was on my MP3 player!