About a week ago, the front page of Business declared that Marc Lore was in pursuit of Utopia.
Then CNN offered this today…

It would appear that Mr. Lore is not just Considering SomeplacElse, he is planning to build it!

This comes at a time when I am SOOO READY to move to an actual Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.
I have a feeling that this one will actually happen and not be turned into just another a theme park , because Walt’s vision was too expensive and radical for his time.
15 years ago, I barely had enough funding to publish my book, let alone capture the attention of venture capitalists anxious to give money to hook up apps, 120 character chirp generators and live action antics promoting mostly absurd and rarely up-lifting REAL people.  (Though I must admit, I did love Gangnam style).

I had hoped that billionaires created during this time, would see the REAL VALUE of allocating their resources SomeplacElse and that the idea of living in harmony with Nature would allow US to do more and more with less and less.

When covid hit, I thought somebody would realize that we are INDEED all in this together.

Thank you Mr. Lore.  If there is anything I can do to help you in your quest, I can honestly say, I was born with the DNA of builders and preachers that has been honed by the impact of waste, encouraged by experiential research and development, and just plain belief that, given the chance, WE are so much more capable than the sum of our individual parts!