And it came to pass that they were called together after wandering for some 40 years.  Where, once, there were more than 400, less than one quarter made the trek back to the land where it is best to be from: Gary, Indiana.
These Troopers of the once highly regarded William A. Wirt High School returned to a shell of their school’s 70 year academic tradition, finding it renamed to the Emerson School for Performing Arts.

Granted “Troopers” had always been a less than inspiring nickname, but “Emerson Troupers” is not what they had in mind when this particular graduating class had unsuccessfully pursued a new school image, as sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Yet still they came. Not so much to honor the school, but to honor the memory of a time when they had all come of age.
Stories of nostalgia, embarrassment, awkwardness, and sorrow soon gave way to legends of growth, progression, and joy. 

The bittersweet sadness of the event was, at times, overwhelming.
Where had the time gone?
How could I not have paid more attention back then?
Where were the other 300+ classmates?
He/She was my best friend, how did I…how could I lose touch?

Yet still they came.
To laugh, cry, argue and embrace. Such is the stuff of re-unity.
At a point in time, we resurrect that part of ourselves that was then so that we can better realize and understand who we have become.
When the, ever so brief, moment passes, we are all left , a little…no… make that a lot, better for the experience.

This author thoroughly enjoyed himself and wishes to thank each and every one present for taking the time to,
not just “state your name and laugh”, but for sharing your stories with me.

Destiny put all of us on different paths, but when Destiny allows those paths to cross again, life’s journey becomes a bit less formidable. 
As we begin our next 40 year journey into 2nd adulthood, I am comforted.