The phenomena of serendipity cannot be googled or otherwise consciously obtained.
You must allow yourself to fall into the cosmic tumblers of the universe and hear the click of enlightenment.

Before you decide that this is too heady a subject for you to pursue any further, realize that I surf, channels in the hope of finding value and agreeable things not sought. (the very definition of serendipity)

For example while I am a HUGE fan of black and white sci-fi, I have only caught glimpses of the Abominable Snow Man of the Himalayas, starring Forrest Tucker(also a big fan) and Peter Cushing (not so much of a fan).
As Monster movies go, it is slow and not something that would ever keep my 12 year old self awake at night, in fact it would probably put 12 year olds to sleep.

But when my 67 year old self hesitated on the following Tom Friend (Forrest Tucker) speech, I heard the tumblers click:

Tom Friend: I lived on two of the basic drives of humanity, Fear and Hunger.When that began to dry up I found another one, Curiosity.Human Curiosity. The world is full of receptive inquisitive people.People who are informed, receptive to new ideas. Radio, Television, Movies, these things have gone to the very homes of people stirring up a healthy curiosity about the earth that they live on. These are the people that I work for. If I can, I am going to bring them one of these creatures so they can learn and profit from it. Give the world a whole new concept, a new slant on humanity. Help us to know and understand ourselves better. Come on Doc, writing learned little books in the corner isn’t enough any more. It’s a new age of awareness. It’s a big age and you’ve got to measure up to it.

Shortly thereafter they cut to a scene where the wife of Scientist(Peter Cushing) pleads with the Dali Lama to help her husband searching for proof of the Yeti as winter descends on the Himalayas.

Dalai Lama:Danger? Yes they are in Danger from their own actions. I can do nothing. It is not possible to bend the destiny of man. The fate of your husband will be guided by his own nature.

In 1957 perhaps the world was full of receptive inquisitive people. Maybe they even wanted to be informed but I am not convinced they were receptive to new ideas. Radio, Television and Movies did, indeed, stir up curiosity but hate, fear and hunger generated much of the information received such that our actions and reactions continued to put us in danger.

Now 53 years later, as we approach the Coronaissance, we live in an information age 1 billion times more powerful than mere Radio, Television and Movies.   We can satisfy our Idol curiosity by seeking “truth” from virtually any source that guides what we have been told is our nature.

OR If we really want to know and understand ourselves better, we can rekindle a healthy curiosity about how things work (and don’t work) on this earth that we live on and let our individual fate be determined by our individual nature.