Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of the one and only novel I ever wrote. Many have asked me to write another.  My standard retort remains: “They say to write what you know and everything I know is in that book”.

I have had several readers point out to me that the womanizing playboy, with his inherited millions, running for Governor of Arizona, with the slogan “I’ll make ya rich, just like me” is remarkably similar to the current RepubliKlan candidate for president.

So let us set the record straight, Adam Wainwright is an arrogant, egomaniac that thinks he deserves and has, somehow, earned all that he has. Adam Wainwright has no real redeeming qualities. However, the slimy creature that is Adam Wainwright is a mere composite of detestable qualities I gleaned from real politicians.  As much as reasonable people have found him disgusting, he is an Eagle Scout compared to Donald Trump.  If I had made him more like little Donny nobody would have believed he was a credible character!

The energy generated by the hatred in the current political cycle is being wasted on absurd “issues”. I don’t for one minute believe that 35 or 40% of America so hates Hillary Clinton that they would vote for an individual that lacks a fundamental understanding of the constitution, the law, decency even the difference between right and wrong.

In my book Adam has millions of followers, not because he preaches hate, but because he makes them feel like they are being heard.  He tells them the lies that they feel justify why they haven’t been able to achieve success.  He tells them that they don’t have to change or adapt to advance all they have to do is vote for him.

I think it is basically the same thing in this presidential election, with one major difference, Little Donny is telling them that they don’t have to change or adapt to advance all they have to do is keep hating everyone that isn’t like them, everyone that doesn’t vote for Trump.  This is totally irresponsible and would have been totally unbelievable in a reasoned work of fiction created almost 10 years ago.

In my mind the Bernie Sanders campaign hinted that this country is ready to start Considering SomeplacElse. Hillary represents an ENORMOUS change in leadership.  The country is finally, really considering putting a woman in charge.  She is no Bernie Sanders, but she understands that his ideas are what she and the rest of the country NEED to consider.

In our current reality it may appear that civility has been lost and we are descending into chaos, but in my book, chaos is merely a catalyst that allows us to stop wasting time and resources and “Consider what can be accomplished merely by allocating our resources someplace else”.