I was asked to post my optimist joke from Tuesdays’ presentation at Changing Hands Book Store.
Sometimes you just have to be able to READ stuff.

An Optimist and a Pessimist walk into a bar on 2 for 1 night.
The optimist says, “Bartender, drinks for my pessimist friend and I”.
The bartender takes out 2 glasses fills one and hands it to the optimist then slides an empty glass to the pessimist.

The Pessimist says, “My glass is empty”
The Optimist says, “Funny, I see my order as half full”
The Pessimist says “But you paid for 2 drinks and you only got 1”
The bartender says “This is the Optimist’s bar, my friend, where glasses are always half full, except on 2 for 1 night”
The pessimist says “So what do I have to do to get a drink around here?”
The bartender says,
 “You could go to the Pessimist’s bar next door
 but their glasses are always half empty and they are having 2 for 1 night as well
You could just change your mind.  It’s all in how YOU look at it my friend”