In the fourth grade, I learned more about what I didn’t know than in any other single year of my educational career.  The wit and charm that had served me so well  during my first 4 years were no match of the stern gaze of Mrs Maloney. “eGods and little fishes, Mr Lindstrom”, she would cry.  To this day I have no idea what it meant, but my report card from those dark days clearly indicates, it wasn’t good.   According to various sources Ye Gods was the OMG of the Greeks and Romans.  It eventually became eGods, then eGads because God’s name was not to be taken in vain.  Around the 17th century, Mrs Maloney(yeah she was that old) added the “and little fishes”.  Nobody knows why. They were probably afraid to ask.

Today, as I have been trying to tell you for the last 4 years, little fishes are becoming eGods every day. Case in Point is one Amanda Hocking a 26 year author with rejection notices from all who would call themselves Publishers.  So Amanda decided to call herself a publisher and started producing eBooks.  500,000 SALES later, those who would call themselves publishers gave her a $2M advance for her next series of TweenAge fiction.  Now, I don’t know what these publishers are going to do for her, that she hasn’t already done for herself, but from her point of view she can now focus on writing instead of publishing for, basically, the rest of her life.

In another magazine that arrived at my house on the same day as the Christian Science Monitor delivered the news about Amanda, there was an article about the death of MySpace.
eGod status can be fleeting.  MySpace came out before Facebook and ,all things consdered, they are essentially the same idea.  But Ye Gods did not look kindly on MySpace.  Instead Mark Zuckerberg was deified(at least by Time Magazine) for that which he created in 7 days.

Finally, Green Latern arrived in theaters last Friday.  A super hero with the power to create things with his mind. Gadzooks!  What will you think of next?