Pitch is defined as “to put, set, or plant in a fixed or definite place or position” but then it also means “to throw, fling, hurl, or toss”.  (Seems a bit oxymoronic)
You can have perfect pitch, and you can pitch a perfect game.  The roof above you has a downward pitch and, occasionally, we all pitch in to achieve an outcome.
Golfers have a pitching wedge to loft their ball into the air and out of the rough.  Rockets pitch and roll when rough air is encountered.
The word pitch is tossed around in so many connotations it is nearly impossible to place it in a fixed or definite position.

This brings us to the “Sales Pitch”; an attempt to convey such compelling information to a potential customer that the pitcher is able to hit a home run.
In this “Pitch” words must be carefully selected so as to plant a fixed idea without being so definitive that the seller cannot easily roll out of an unintended trajectory.
In my experience, delivering a sales pitch, ranks right down there with tossing my cookies.
Therefore, it came as a great surprise to me when I decided to register for “The Great Ameircan Pitchfest”.  A conference described as “an annual event where screenwriters can meet with producers, agents, development executives, managers, and other industry professionals to pitch their TV show and movie scripts.”

I have convinced myself that this is not so much about throwing words at buyers who may choose to hurl, but rather an opportunity to deliver some very specific ideas to players who may want to take a swing at them in an attempt to knock us all out of the ordinary.   I’ve got 4 weeks to tune my pitch and ensure I am assuming the right angle.