Means: the medium, method, or instrument used to obtain a result or achieve an end

Production: The creation of value

Nature’s viral assault on humanity has demonstrated the need for human effort in the creation of value. It has also allowed us to witness how some humans truly devalue other humans.

But even the harshness of the most elitist humans, is nothing compared to the dispassionate destruction Nature can and will reign down upon the Earth.

We are all in this…but we are not together, physically, virtually or spiritually. When attacked by other humans, we have often united. For some reason the human enemy of our human enemy becomes our friend, at least until the war is over. In the USA there are those who are trying to blame other humans for this act of Nature in order to distract us from the reality that they were not prepared for the REAL enemy.

I have heard many say “when this is over we will go back…we will REcover…we will REturn to normal”. What we need to REalize, is that this crisis is showing us the way to a new normal…To merely REsume will not be enough. To simply REbuild will lead to REgret.

My old basketball coach used to tell us “Never miss the same shot twice”.
And you all know the definition of insanity is REpeating the same behavior expecting a different result.

IF we are to survive the next Natural assault on humanity (and there will be many more), we MUST understand what REAL defense looks like.  We must build the structures that will truly recognize and support the fact that WE need to be ALL in this TOGETHER.  There are flaws in our virtual communications that must be fixed.  There are technologies and tools that MUST be made available to all of humanity.
We must find much better ways to design and build and work in HARMONY with Nature as well as each other.
Above all, we MUST find a way to physically gather together without fearing the breath of the human next to us, without being encouraged to hate those who do not look like us, without feeling we are more deserving than THEY.

These changes will not come easily, but  regardless of what Nature brings tomorrow:
I want to be able to hug my loved ones and my friends whenever they need it and whenever I need it.
I want to extend a real hand to those in need and sometimes those who didn’t realize they needed it.

There is some comfort in virtual communication, but REAL comfort is so much better.