A few months back went to see Eddie Izzard speaking in Mesa, Arizona. I love this guy! It wasn’t really standup. It WAS typical Eddie stream of consciousness delivery in the context of his new book “Believe Me”.
As I typically do with Eddie, I laughed at every 2nd or 3rd punch line because my brain can only keep up with about 1/3 of his rapid fire, cockney, under his breath delivery.
At the beginning, before he really got cranked up, he explained that he was an atheist and “President Donald Trump is proof that there can’t be a God”.
No Eddie, “Believe Me” when I tell you that a Transvestite Comic speaking to a SOLD OUT liberal house in Mesa Arizona, on a Sunday, without the slightest hint of right wing protest at the venue or in the media, is DEFINITIVE PROOF that a higher power exists to preserve the kind of freedom all human beings deserve.

I was watching a documentary on the late, great, Jerry Lewis the other day and found out that he became good friends with Jack Kennedy, back when Kennedy was working on “Profiles in Courage”. As Kennedy rose to political prominence, he advised Jerry to keep his distance, lest he “cut his audience in half”. So whenever Jerry went to the White House (several times apparently) it was unannounced and through the kitchen.

I think some of us KNOW there is a God and many of us want to BELIEVE there is a God, but the harsh realities of our society force us to keep our distance lest we “cut our audience in half.”

The rise of the “Alt-Right”, the “Monkey Trial” fanaticism of certain “Christian” leaders, the widespread belief that an Old Testament higher power would punish humans with natural disasters, pestilence and disease for believing in a different definition of human rights, has created an audience that, frankly, I would not mind losing.

So I take a stand here and now, and state unequivocally that I KNOW there is a God!

Until next time, I leave you with a quote from “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad”

“Trust in Allah…but tie up your camel”