I have just completed a 3 month Political experiment on Facebook. During these 3 months I doubled my “Friend” count and lost about a dozen “friends” by conveying my feelings about government in general and the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Once the election was over I conveyed my assessment of the results as a great unknown, the “winner” as the epitome of ignorance, with the election process and, now the country, to be ruled by hatred (on both sides).
As “friends”on the winning side became overly defensive and losing “friends” became excessively despondent, many disturbing images came into the “feed”:

Emboldened KlansMEN,

Ignorant “losers” taking to the streets to protest a democratic process that didn’t allow them to win.

Candidates on both sides, pretending 18 months of divisive and hateful rhetoric could be undone with a one simple statement,

and finally, “winners” pretending that nothing has really changed.

I ended my experiment knowing that I helped one candidate win the majority of the votes,
BUT my goal was to raise the level of political awareness among those who called me friend.
I was trying to encourage people to understand what they were voting FOR, not who they were voting against.

As we head into the great unknown, led by a MAN who just wanted to WIN, and supported by
a largely re-elected congress (don’t tell me the voters wanted to fix Washington)
it is time for this adaptive design scientist, to assess the data, evaluate the significantly altered environment, and determine what to do next.

But be advised, I love sarcasm but I am committed to PROtent,
so even if every one of my experiments in (small) world changing fail,
I will not follow the hateful path, just to succeed.