In my closet is a large plastic container of “retired” T-shirts.   You see I have a sentimental attachment to the sentiments expressed on these too-worn-to-wear-again cotton symbols of my persona.   There are easily 4 dozen faded garments containing hundreds of very vivid, extremely comfortable memories.  Someday I will have to pull them all out and reminisce but I digress.  One of my all time favorite shirts is a tattered too-short long-sleeved gray, declaring Levi’s “American Original”.

On Friday night of this Memorial day weekend I attended a screening of Night at the Museum 2.  I found myself laughing out loud at Hank Azaria’s dead on imitation of Boris Karloff as well as some of the subtly hysterical lines delivered by Amy Adams characterization of Amelia Earhart (never thought about that before, her name is Air-Heart).  On Saturday, the Terminator was back for a forth go round.  While a class action suit is probably pending for advertsing that Christian Bale “starred” in this movie  and I felt real pain when “I’ll be back” and ” Come with me if you want to live” were uttered by non-Arnold, non-Terminator characters, the re-run of the factory battle from Terminator One, complete with CGI enhanced Govenator body double,  clearly demonstrated to me that Hollywood needs to terminate this kind of salvation.

We, so, need to stop memorializing what worked the last time and get American Original back in style.