I have long been an advocate of design that makes the right thing the easiest thing to do.

This has served me well in most every circumstance, especially those where I have had to build something that is to be used by others.

Today I got an email generated by a recently, mostly digitally, re-vitalized friendship that caused me to start contemplating the expansion of my primary design directive.

Check this out and then come back Piano Stairs

From the Bagger Vance voice over “…God is happiest when his children are at play” to Zippy the Pinhead’s infamous “Are we having fun yet?” it has become increasingly apparent to me that FUN needs to play a larger role in my increasingly logical and frequently frustrating work life.  Now, I know the Beach Boys warned us of the dangers inherent in having having nothing but Fun, Fun, Fun…and I know the novelty of Piano Stairs will eventually wear off…but to paraphrase Dr Praetorius “(Fun)… properly injected into a patient is as effective in maintaining life as Adrenaline, and a belief in miracles has been the difference between living and dying as often as any surgeon’s scalpel.”

So, in this the 100th episode of my Authorian Adventures I hereby offer an innoculation of fun. Enjoy it.  Share it.  Live with it!

And a special thanks to Dave Orner, for sharing this much needed vaccine with me.